Best IQ Option Trading Strategy Using Alligator Indicator

How to predict trading forex binary and IQ option

Alligator strategy IQ Option.

How to read and use the alligator indicator for trading binary options and forex?

Many ways to win or achieve the profit on investment trading, one of them with the use of technical analysis indicator Alligator.

In this article, I will share my tutorials with strategy trading indicator Alligator complete with how to read or use it and how to set up a proper period.

Charge indicators will correspond to the names, the workings of the indicator Alligator crocodile that is waiting for its prey, the prey, eating at the right time and sleep after eating.

It means in open position trading, traders must wait for the right time in order to achieve profit. And don't hurry.

Alligator is a decisive trend indicator based on prior time. The ultimate goal is where the price will move and how strong the movement.

iq option alligator strategy
The function of this indicator in trading?
  • Determine trends.
  • Determine the entry point.

The main function of the Alligator is determining what trends are currently dominating the market does it go up (buy) or down (sell), which means that indicators can be used for trending periods in the market.

How does the indicator Alligator?

How to use it is simple, Alligator represents the combination of three Moving Average which shows various time periods and movements.

Bill William mentions this as a Moving Average Line balance because the price is going to happen in the market when there are no other factors which inhibit.

Alligator indicator consists of 3 lines, namely:
  1. Jaws
  2. Teeth
  3. Lips
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Each line has a different colour, but you can change the colour and thickness of the lines as you wish each.

Binary Option Trading strategies and Forex Using the indicator Alligator

Alligator indicator you can use as a strategy for trading forex binary options and here's how to use it:

1. apply the indicator Alligator on the chart. You will see 3 lines Alligator.
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You don't have to remember all the colours of the lines alligator River, the most important thing is to remember the line of the Lips. Due to ease of doing the analysis later.
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2. It's time do an analysis of price movement

When the movement of the timeline of the adjacent indicator indicates that the Alligator is asleep. The longer the sleep, the more he would be hungry.

This is a period of waiting and if you deal with things like this so it is not advised to conduct the trading activity.
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As I said just now, we only have to recall the colour of the line of the Lips, we will open a trading position when the line passes the alligator Lips/Pierced both indicator lines (Jaws and Teeth).
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  • Do CALL options (buy) when line Alligator Lips moving from bottom to top Jaws and Teeth lines penetrate the Alligator.
  • Do the PUT (sell) options when the Alligator Lips moving lines from top to bottom to penetrate the lines of the Jaws and Teeth of Alligator.
  • Alligator line width Progressively opening, then the stronger trend movement will happen.

3. When Alligators getting up he started "yawn", then open the "Jaw". This is the right moment to enter the market.

1. Open the jaws of the upward movement signals is rising further and buy call options.

Do CALL or Buy options when the Alligator line began opening and line Lips Pierced from the bottom upwards.

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2. Open the jaws of the downward movement of the signal is down further and buying options put.

Do a PUT or Sell option when the Alligator began to open lines and line Lips penetrating from top to bottom.
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binary option alligator indicator

4. After eating enough, Alligators began to lose appetite on the "food" and indicators adjacent lines back.  This shows the signal to end trading and wait for next signal again.

Sometimes after the movement trend, whether it's an Uptrend or Downtrend next movement tends sideways marked with line indicator Alligator.
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But this is not absolute, because it can only occur after an Uptrend followed by a Downtrend.
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The use of Indicator Alligator advanced

Important notice: as with other methods or technical analysis indicator Alligator might indicate a delayed signal.

The wrong signal may also appear; Therefore it requires maximum optimization of Alligator, in accordance with the specific market conditions and certain assets.

Period indicator Alligator Setting

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  • by increasing the number of periods, the Alligator is optimized for a more volatile market. The indicator will show a little more of the signal, but more accurate signals.
  • by lowering the number of periods, the Alligator is optimized for markets that are trending. The indicators will provide more signals, but its accuracy will depend on the strength of the trend.

This is the indicator setting Alligators are the most widely used

In regulating the period of Alligator preferably tailored to the circumstances of the movement of the market.

1. The market with assets that are fast-moving erratically: (for example when important market news releases)
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2. The market with assets that the movement is currently trending: (for example when the price moves tend to up/down without any sudden movements)
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That's the tutorial forex binary trading strategies and the best Option is to use IQ indicator Alligator. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you in profit on investment trading.
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