How to analysis a chart and candlestick trading strategy, IQ option to win?

How to read and IQ option trading strategy using candlestick

IQ option candlestick analysis and strategy?

Trading binary options are indeed potentially making money in a short time, but it is not as easy as imagined.

Trading forex binary option and it's like a battlefield that is cruel, if you do not have a mature strategy then you will lose. Then how to win?

Winning strategies for trading forex binary option and on the platform of the IQ option really aren't hard if you study the analysis of price movement.

Many traders the option use IQ chart, candlestick because it's easier to observe price movement.

To be able to do the analysis with the candlestick, must first find out the shape of the shape and characteristics as well as candlestick patterns.
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Each candlestick pattern and shapes reflect the price movement is going on. By knowing the pattern candle that appear will help traders to predict where the next movement direction from now on.

So traders are more confident in taking the open trading positions and took profits.

In this article I will share about candlestick form form and meaning as the basis for trading analysis using candlestick chart option IQ.

Why many traders chose to use candlestick charts?

For more details the following advantages and disadvantages candlestick

The Advantages Of Candlestick:

1. Candlestick has a body that gives emphasis will be the relationship between the open and close so it can give warnings on trader about the changes the psychology of market participants which could lead to a change of the trend even though only in the short term.

2. Colours on candlestick indicating a bullish or bearish session as well as the existence of shadow make traders more quickly and easily in view and analyse trends.

3. Candlestick Nice in giving signal changes in the direction of price movement. Candlestick identifies changes in market sentiment and give a signal faster than other technical analysis tools.

4. Can be used together with the Candlestick indicators because the same data using the open, high, low, and close.

Shortage Of Candlestick:

1. Candlestick only gives signals in the short term.

2. The Signal of the candlestick does not give a target price and how long is the duration of the signal.

3. Percentage of success candlestick patterns on average only 50%, resulting in less giving certainty.


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Candlestick body
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Shadow Candlestick


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Generally white and green used to candlestick bullish and the colours black and Red to candlestick bearish.


Gap in the candlestick has a meaning different from the gap in the bar chart.

In the bar chart, the gap occurs if between high and low one session and other sessions do not overlap.

While in candlestick gap occurs when the overlap does not occur between the open and close a session and other sessions (only body
Only). This is because the emphasis is on the body of the candle candlestick.
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Therefore, in the candlestick pattern, most if it is called a gap, then what happens is the body gap.

Likewise, the gap is filled in if a body next session fills the gap. However, there are some candlestick pattern where the gap here including shadow.

If the referred shadow gap, then the gap can be filled with shadow or body the next session.

To learn to do an analysis of movement using a candlestick, we must know in advance range of forms of the candlestick.


Basically, there are 6 forms of candlestick on the trading platform and each reflects the price is going on the market.

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In candlestick, candle is called long, seen from bodynya. This is because candlestick stressed the relationship between open and close.

The candle is called a length no size but relatively dependent candle-candle before, that is usually between 5 to 10 of the previous candle.


Long Candlestick shows the magnitude of the momentum of the buyer (bullish candlestick) or seller (bearish candlestick) Long Candlestick that has no shadow or have a shadow
Small called Marubozu.

There are no small or shadow shows one party was dominant in that session. The meaning of Long Candlestick depends on where the location of the emergency.

Long Candlestick that appears in line with the trend (bullish candlestick on the uptrend and downtrend on candlestick bearish) confirms the continued trend.

However Long Candlestick which appeared opposite direction trend (bullish candlestick on a downtrend bearish candlestick on uptrend) gives the signal that the reversal
It may happen.

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Short Candlestick occurs when open and close located in virtually the same until the candle has a short body and also has a shadow that is short or have no shadow at all.

Candle called the relatively short hanging candle-candle before, that is usually between 5 to 10 of the previous candle.

Short Candlestick that has no upper shadow called the Shaven Head. Short Candlestick that has no lower shadow called Shaven Bottom.

Short Candlestick which has upper and lower shadow called the Spinning Top.


Short Candlestick indicating agreement between buyer and seller that the current price is reasonable, especially when the market is in a consolidation/sideways.

Short Candlestick that appears when market conditions are the trend, especially with larger volume than before and after the advent of Long Candlestick, can be a sign that the trend can be ended because of a fierce fight between buyer and seller Making it open and close are not too far away.

While in the trend, colour from Short Candlestick is not significant. Short Candlestick that appears once in a not too significant.

However Short Candlestick that appear repeatedly in the markets that are the trend portends a slowdown in momentum that can make the occurrence of reversal or market moved sideways.

3. D O J I
pin bar candlestick reversal pattern


Doji candle which is open and close are the same or almost the same so it does not have a body.

Doji varies, some have a shadow there, there was a long shadow and some are short.
  • Doji with upper and lower shadow long called Long-legged Doji.
  • A Doji has only an upper shadow just called a Gravestone Doji.
  • Doji that only has lower shadow just called Dragonfly Doji.


Doji indicating confusion the market participants in what direction prices will move so that the price finally closed the same opening.

Shadow of the doji also shows the efforts of one of the parties (buyer and seller on the upper shadow in lower shadow) to drive the market but eventually failed.

The failure of either party (buyer or seller) or both affect the analysis we will trend.

While the doji appears on the downturn and has a long lower shadow shows the seller
Trying to make prices fall even further, but failed so the possibility of a significant downturn will end.

Likewise, when the doji with a long upper shadow appears when an uptrend shows buyer trying to bring price rises, but eventually failed and so the possibility of uptrend will end.

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The Long Upper Shadow candle is Lower & which has a long shadow above and below. The length of each shadow is longer than the length of the candle body.


Long Upper Shadow shows Lower & either buyer or seller does not have enough power to drive the market outside of the opening and closing price.

When the candle as it appeared in the market who are trend often provides an indication that the trend will end.

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The Long Upper Shadow candle is having only shadow panjangdi up. The Long upper shadow is at least twice the length of the body of the candle.


Long Upper Shadow shows buyer trying to bring the price rise higher but failed.

When the Long Upper Shadow occurred when an uptrend, can give a sign that trend likely will end up because the weakening momentum.

When the Long Upper Shadow appears in a downtrend, can confirm the downtrend will continue because it shows still strong sellers.

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The long Lower Shadow is the candle that has only a long shadow at the bottom. A long lower shadow is at least twice the length of the body of the candle.


The long Lower Shadow shows the seller trying to bring the price down further but failed

When the Long Lower Shadow occurred when the downturn, could give a sign that trend likely will end up because the weakening momentum.

When the Long Lower Shadow appears on the uptrend, can confirm the uptrend will continue because the shows are still strong buyers.

That is the form, the form of a candlestick on the trading platform. Each candlestick form that appears, followed by the next candlestick form will create a formation called candlestick patterns.

Through the candlestick patterns, we can perform analysis or prediction of what will happen next.

By studying candlestick patterns expected you to be able to find out:
  • When will happen a reversal trend direction?
  • When the movement will continue the previous trend?
  • When will happen to the movement to the side or consolidation?
  • When the movement to the side or the consolidation will end?
So it is very important to know and understand the various kinds of candlestick patterns below start from:

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That's the sort of forms and means that the candlestick was the basis for the analysis of binary options trading and forex trading.

Trading forex binary option and has a higher risk, therefore, make sure that you are ready and have a mature strategy in order to achieve victory and profit.
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