How to register, play and trade using the IQ option binary app?

How do I list and trading platform using IQ option?

I will share a tutorial on how to register and the binary option trading tutorial on IQ platform option.

Nowadays, more and more who want to make money with a fast and easy way. One of these was with investment trading.

This type of trading is most easily understood and done are trading binary options. Learn binary options trading is not difficult, because there are only two choices, namely ride (Call) or down (Put).
The trick is
  • If the direction of movement of price charts is expected to rise, we will choose the Call
  • If the direction of movement of price charts is expected to go down, we will choose a Put
Our task as a binary options trader only predicts where the direction of movement of the next price charts from now with a specific time period.

We can choose how long expired trading positions from which we choose. IQ option on the trading platform, there are several choices of time expired.

In order to conduct trade at IQ option, you should list your account and install an application or software platform IQ option on your gadget.

how to trade iq option

You can trade any gadget you own i.e.
  • Mobile android
  • Mobile iOS
  • Tablet
  • Laptop
  • Computer

Step Step play and Use the Trading Platform IQ Options

In this tutorial I will give a tutorial on how to register and use the IQ option on your mobile android and iOS:

1. Download the IQ Application Option

The first step is to download and install applications To users Option. IQ Option app Mobile android can be downloaded at Google Play and iOS mobile user can download in the AppStore.

how to trade iq option
If you are going to do trading using a laptop or computer can download software IQ Option on the official site

2. Run the application and open the IQ Option

Open the application that was already installed, and then click the button Registration.

how to option works

3. Fill in the data requested for account registration

Enter your email address and password.
how to use iq option binary

4. Select the currency that you will use for deposit

how to register iq option
5. Next, click Registration
how to read iq option

6. After registering you will be redirected to sign in to display IQ options

how to use iq option app

7. Click confirm through email messages

You will receive incoming messages to the email address you used to sign up, click the confirmation button immediately on incoming messages from IQ option.

8. With a one time list you have 2 options IQ account

Now you have a real and demo account. A demo-account you can use to practice and learn the IQ option with a demo account balance.

how to make iq option

Balance on a demo-account is not real money and can only be used to practice, if the money runs out, you can reload so it will be filled again.

how to get money from iq option

Balance on a real account for the moment is still zero, if you want to fill it immediately to make a deposit. Should you trade when you're ready and master trading strategy in order to achieve profit.

Otion IQ accounts that you created earlier is not yet verified, so therefore you can eventually withdraw the money or withdraw, immediately your options IQ account verification.

how to deposit iq option
Also read : How to verify IQ option account?

How Do I Use IQ Option?

Should learn to understand each menu and its functions. Note on the trading platform IQ option there are 5 different types of trading, namely:
  1. Crypto
  2. Forex
  3. CFD
  4. Digital
  5. Binary Option
Basically, any type of trading is the same, i.e. predicting whether the movement chart prices going up or going down.

But most people use the IQ platform binary option is an option.

Important Menu On The Trading Platform IQ Options

1. Invest

how to earn with iq option

This is the button to determine the magnitude of the money which we will use for trading at the time of open positions, such as Call or Put.

2. Time

how to remove iq option

This is the time expired that is only available for the type of binary option trading and digital. The time that appears here is the time expired from position trading. And there are many choices of the time.

3. Keys Call and Put

how to use iq option binary
This is the button for execution of trading we choose to type of binary option trading. Due to the type of forex will change to Buy and Sell.

4. The Indicator

how to beat iq option
For selecting and using indicators, need only click this button.

5. Select the chart

To select the chart, click the button below and select will use candlestick charts, chart or bar.

6. Time Candlestick

how to register iq option
If you use a candle chart, there are several options time candle. Each candlestick represents one time candle you choose.

7. Time frame
To analyze the movement of the price chart can do an analysis of multiple time frame simply click on the button below.

8. Choose the currency pair

how does iq option work
You can trade on the currency pair being traded. To choose can click this type of trading Binary = > and select the currency pair.

Once you know the function and usefulness of each button on the IQ platform, the next option is to learn trading strategies using a demo account.

Practice trading binary options on the IQ option

For exercise:

•    Invest: $10
•    Time: about 1 minute or default

As the exercises, try to predict whether the movement of the chart will be up or down, and select a Call or a Put.

Next see the results after time expired. Profit or Loss.

The most difficult is to predict where the price chart will move, therefore it needs a good strategy in order to win and profit.

On the occasion of the next tutorial I will be sharing the binary option trading strategies on the IQ platform option.

Don't hurry hurry for trading on a real account if you haven't yet mastered the strategies that make you win on demo accounts.

Binary options are indeed a great way to earn money quickly, but also at high risk to lose money.

We recommend you learn first, and when you're ready to immediately switch on real accounts with real money. Happy learning and profit.
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